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Tatiana Slezakova – Diana Borbelyova
doi: 10.18355/PG.2017.6.2.13
Start of schooling at a primary level of education is a demanding period changing the life of a child. The child enters the first socially and compulsory role of a schooler out of which a lot of duties arise. These are the same for every child regardless their individual abilities and skills. However, each of them is an individual and deals differently with demanding requirements. The overview study deals with actual problematics of pupil´s adaptation to initial education. Recent theoretical approaches as well as results of up-to-day home and foreign research become the main outcomes of this study. They prove the fact that there are lots of adaptation problems and difficulties which may negatively influence not only their schooling career but also physical, mental (psychical) and social health of a child. In the connection with that it is inevitable to pay more attention to this issue not only in a theoretical but also in practical level. Based on experience from abroad the study presents some strategies for solution and these are – creation of conditions in order to provide the continuity of pre-primary and primary education and implementation of adaptation program into initial education which may enable  modelling pedagogical and organization conditions in the school environment and thus enable the children to adapt without bigger difficulties.
Key words
school adaptation, primary education, adaptation difficulties, continuity of pre-primary and primary education, adaptation programs

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